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By promoting this annual basketball camp, our mission goes beyond merely spreading the joy of basketball throughout Guinea’s neighborhoods; it extends to uplifting the local community through education and charitable contributions. We not only aim to donate clothing, basketballs, shoes, and equipment but also to foster educational opportunities for aspiring athletes.


Haven’t you heard about many inspiring stories of athletes who dream of playing professionally while practicing with whatever equipment they can find? From using rubber balls to crafting makeshift weights filled with sand or water, these individuals exemplify the determination to succeed.


Our primary goal is to fuel their athletic ambitions by providing them with proper equipment, but we also recognize the importance of education in their journey to success. We believe that education is a powerful tool that can empower these young talents to excel not only on the basketball court but also in their academic pursuits.


Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on Guinea’s youth by promoting both athletic excellence and educational growth. 

Charity Basketball

Keeping the flame and hope in young atheletes is our hope for the future!

Clothing, shoes, basketballs

Doesn’t have to be brand new, any contribution no matter how small it is, will help us with our cause! 

Basketball Camp

Hundred people attented 2023 Basketball Camp


Despite our little fundings this year, the attentace was amazing! Help us make an ever bigger event across all New Guinea and provide equipment to even more young athletes! 

Basketball Camp

80 boys and 25 girls


Joined 2023 Basketball Camp. We aim next year for this number to significally increase with your help, as we’ll be touring many of the biggest towns of Guinea. 



Supporting and Uniting


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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” 

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Alfa Ntiallo - The man behind the scenes

Alfa Ntialo is a profesional Basketball Player in Greece. His origins are from Guinea Conakry , where he quickly gained some reputation and join Guinea’s National Basketball team. A trip to his hometown inspired him to raise some money, find sponsors and on his own expenses travel to Guinea to start this annual Basketball Camp tradition. Goverment awarded Alfa for his efforts with a satisfecit certification.

SATISFECIT – The Prefectural AND Municipal Authorities of LABE Award this SATISFECIT TO: Alpha Diallo basketball player from LABE international basketball player playing in Greece in recognition of his technical and material support to youth for the influence of basketball and education in the region in general and particularly in the prefecture of LABE in time of which, this satisfecit is issued to him to serve and assert what is right.

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Basketball Camp 2023



EOK supports Diallo's initiative, uniting Greece and Guinea -

The President of EOK, Evangelos Liolios, met with Diallo shortly before his departure for Guinea, giving him the material that had been gathered to strengthen his initiative, in a meeting during which the athlete also shared with him photographic material from previous camps


Check the article here

Alfa Ntiallo Connects Greece and Guinea -

Greek basketball site wrote an article about Alfa’s efforts in Guinea. Alfa came in Greece at the age of 15 back in 2009, and now he’s trying to unite Greece with his home country Guinea. He hopes that with his efforts more and more kids from Guinea will have better opportunites for education and also young talented athletes will have the opportunity to follow their dream.

Alfa Ntiallo and Kosta Zompanakis to EOK WebRadio

Alfa Ntialo and Mr. Zompanakis talked to E.O.K WebRadio. They discussed how it all began 4 years ago, by gathering equipment, cloths, shoes 

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